Precision Signs Inc . is a locally owned and operated company serving the Sarasota area since 1997.


We have many years’ experience in large format graphics and sign design.  We are a full service sign company on the cutting edge of this industry. Given our background, we’re in a position to provide the best possible advice on the subject of large format graphics.  We know what works and we’ll provide the most effective signage you can buy.  Having your business increase is our measure of success and we’ll work hard to help you accomplish that .


The greatest advantage to working with “Precision Signs Inc.” on your next project, is that’ our designers & sign specialist are 100% dedicated to providing you the best signage in the world! We have been in business making signs, and wrapping vehicles for over 11 years. 


Let’s face it, there are other companies out there that have digital printers & say they can wrap your vehicle, but a vehicle wrap that is created to drastically improve your company’s image goes WAY beyond having a machine that can print a wrap. One of the most crucial parts of the wrap process is the design. “Precision Signs Inc.” designs flow with the vehicle style, creating a seamless piece of artwork that puts you & your business miles ahead of your competition. Once the design is perfected, the actual install of the wrap is what makes “Precision Signs Inc.” your only choice… We use only products and make sure that your new wrap will look & feel just like a custom paint job. No bubbles, no wrinkles, and is most cases, no seams, either! Please enjoy our website & give us a call…as soon as you think you’re ready… Ready to Increase your visibility and separate yourself from the competition!!!

Witness firsthand the transformation of plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill vehicles into first class works of art that propel your company’s messageto thousands of new customers! Calculate how many more customers you will reach if your logo & message are branded on all sides of your company vehicles!

Imagine how your boat will look skimming across the water with your personalized custom marine wrap at a fraction of the cost of custom paint!